Martin Custom CE07 Australian Blackwood


Is a single custom made Tasmanian blackwood guitar worth promoting on this website?

I guess it qualifies if it comes from CF Martin in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, the world’s most renowned guitar company.

And positive blackwood stories are rare enough that even small stories have value.

The fact that I’m a guitar-centric person may also have some influence…

The classical, restrained elegance of Martin’s design ethos is clearly evident in this guitar. I love that colourful edge binding and back strip.

This guitar has a huge, powerful voice that barks twice as loud as you’d imagine.

CF Martin seems to enjoy producing these limited edition models for the collectors market.

This one has already sold so I guess the marketing strategy is working.

Nice work Mr Martin!

Further web searching tells me this guitar is from 2 years ago. Still a good old news story!

For my previous reviews of Martin blackwood guitars see here:

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