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2012 Martin Custom Shop 000 Tasmanian Blackwood Just LOOK at the fiddleback Tasmanian blackwood on this one-off CF Martin guitar! It’s currently for sale on Reverb from Brothers Music Shop in Wind Gap, Pennsylvania, USA. Price is $AU5,900. Carpathian spruce top, 14 frets, Waverley tuners, … Continue reading

CF Martin & Tasmanian blackwood

CF Martin is possibly the name in steel string acoustic guitars in the world. As a tree grower, to have your product associated with the CF Martin brand is as good as it gets. But the Tasmanian farmers who … Continue reading

C F Martin Guitars & Sustainable Tonewoods

Martin The Journal of Acoustic Guitars is a glossy magazine published by CF Martin Guitars every 6 months. The latest edition (Vol. 7, p. 64 – 69) contains a great article about what CF Martin are doing about promoting sustainable … Continue reading

Martin Custom Shop 00-14 Fret Tasmanian Blackwood

Here’s another one-off custom guitar from CF Martin featuring Tasmanian blackwood currently for sale from Moore Music in Indiana, USA. This little beauty is very much in the traditional CF Martin style. Nothing flash. Just good old honest Martin … Continue reading

Martin Custom CE07 Australian Blackwood

Is a single custom made Tasmanian blackwood guitar worth promoting on this website? I guess it qualifies if it comes from CF Martin in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, the world’s most renowned guitar company. And positive blackwood stories are rare enough that … Continue reading

A new super-limited edition Martin J-14f featuring Tasmanian blackwood

More like super rare than “limited” with only 3 of these J-14fs made. This one is available right now from Guitarworks in Calgary, Alberta, Canada for only $CAD6,200. That’s about $AUD6,310. It’s nice to see Martin still pumping out … Continue reading

For Sale – Martin OM-42 AND OM45 Tasmanian Blackwood Limited Edition I wouldn’t normally put something like this on the website but this is a Tasmanian blackwood icon. This is currently for sale on Ebay. A very rare, prized guitar! Or direct from the seller Willcutt Guitars, Lexington Kentucky, USA: … Continue reading

A stunning new Martin blackwood guitar (please Mr Santa!)

I just stumbled across this today on the internet. Santa can drop one of these off at my place this Christmas if he’s feeling generous (I really do promise to be good….). There’s no way as a forest industry volunteer … Continue reading

The Future of Wood

The latest Martin Journal (Vol 8. p. 58) has an interesting article called The Future of Wood. It’s a soft-message article about sustainable forest management and sustainable tonewoods. It’s such a soft message I’m not sure what the take … Continue reading

How CITES is changing the future of rosewood in guitars It’s interesting trying to keep up with how guitar companies and the tonewood market are dealing with the new CITES restrictions on rosewood. It’s pretty clear that most guitar companies have been caught sleeping on the job when it … Continue reading