Taylor Guitars 2016 Spring Limited models


As a new addition to the 300-series Tasmanian blackwood/mahogany models, Taylor Guitars have added a limited release 8 string baritone model.



Read my review of the 300-series here:


This is Tasmanian farm-grown blackwood timber supplied by Tasmanian Tonewoods:


The future of Tasmanian special species timbers is here!

5 responses to “Taylor Guitars 2016 Spring Limited models

  1. Do you know how many m3 per annum they’re using of all timbers and how much of what blackwood could be substited for?

    • Hi David,
      That’s an interesting question.

      I’m not sure what Taylor’s current annual production is nor what their annual wood demand is. It must be in the 1,000’s of cubic metres per year.

      Even if they bought 100 cubic metres of sawn blackwood per year it would be a good beginning for Tasmanian (and other??) farmers.

      But it seems the American market has yet to accept Tasmanian blackwood as a premium sustainable tonewood. To their credit Taylor are working to change that. It will take time and some good marketing.

      There are still a lot of mixed messages out there in the tonewood market!!


  2. Seems a pity to paint over the beautiful grain and figuring.

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