November 2014 Island Specialty Timbers Tender Results

27 of 28 lots sold to 10 of 19 bidders at good to very strong prices for most lots.

(and scroll down the page for the latest tender results)

Lots 2 and 24 contained blackwood logs.

Lot 2:

A recently harvested good quality log with good colour, a little twist, fluted shape but solid with some tear-drop figure. High quality, large diameter log.  

Length 3.9 metres, butt diameter 79 cm, head diameter 69 cm, volume 1.67 cubic metres.

This log sold for $1,250 per cubic metre or $2,090 for the log.

A very good price!

Lot 24:

This was a parcel of 13 smaller plain-grain blackwood logs.

A fresh parcel of average to good quality Category 4 blackwood sawlogs, on a size and quality scale of 1 – 5, with 5 best quality, this group would rate about 3.5.

Length range 3.7 to 6.5 metres average 5.0 metres, head diameter range 31 to 54 cm average 42 cm, volume range 0.4 to 1.26 cubic metres average 0.78 cubic metres. Total volume 10.1 cubic metres.

This parcel sold for $200 per cubic metre or a total of $2,020.

IST Oct14 Lot24

Once again the domestic market shows that any blackwood logs with figured grain attract great prices, with plain grain logs coming a long way behind in second place.

As usual the black heart sassafras logs dominated the tender and the price action, with the best result being $3,350 per cubic metre.

But who is going to plant sassafras and wait 300 years even for those prices?

Of note, even silver wattle is now attracting good prices. Two of the lots were silver wattle logs that sold for $450 per cubic metre. Not bad at all. Good to see this beautiful timber starting to get the recognition it deserves.

3 responses to “November 2014 Island Specialty Timbers Tender Results

  1. Lot 24 is more like what will come out of plantations. $200 / cube x 180 cube / ha is $36,000 / ha.

    • Stu,
      At those figures (price or volume) no one will plant any plantations.

      And I disagree with your estimates for both.



      PS. Do any New Zealand readers want to comment about Stu’s figures?

  2. Those Lot 24 blackwood are small logs. ‘Twill be interesting to see how quick blackwood will grow in good sites in Vic south of the Great Divide with appropriate silviculture. Very encouraging is the silver wattle price. Based on growth I’ve measured 30cm DBH silver wattle takes under ten years on our site. Much quicker than blackwood although I haven’t heard of figure appearing in dealbata so I guess the high prices for figured blackwood won’t be available. Will be very interesting to see how quickly these 30cm dealbata grow on to 60cm. We have some 70cm+ DBH paddock silver wattles but I don’t know how old they are. They have managed to survive grazing during their life which is something of an achievement. Also pleasing for me in the IST results is the good prices for ti tree and banksia. Both of which I’ve planted with the intention of harvesting for timber.

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