When I die I want to go to …… the Perth Heath Ledger Theatre??!!

Here’s a great blackwood story I just stumbled upon. And I was in Perth only a few weeks ago….. If only I had known!


Perth, Western Australia, has a new performing theatre complex (along with an amazing range of other new facilities and infrastructure). The building was designed by Perth-born Kerry Hill architects and opened in 2011. The 575-seat main theatre is named after Perth-born Australian actor Heath Ledger and it is absolutely stunning.


A veritable Tasmanian blackwood tsunami.

Vast surfaces of blackwood veneer overwhelm the senses, including the seating. Check out these images on Zimbio, and more here! It’s almost too much.


A blackwood wonderland!

All of this high-value blackwood veneer could one day be farm grown. In fact in a few years time it will be – New Zealand farm-grown. What about Tasmanian farmers?

So when I die and go to blackwood heaven it may look something like the Heath Ledger Theatre. I wonder if The Joker would approve?

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