Impressive performance

IMG_0399sThis 2.5 metre tall tree is the first 12 months growth on an impressive tree a in a new blackwood plantation in southern Tasmania. Not bad given it was such a dry season! It should be stressed that this was an exceptional tree in the plantation. Even so the rest of the plantation did very well considering, most trees being about 1.3 metres tall.

There are always exceptional trees in any plantation, and they are very good at providing inspiration.

That bracken will need to be slashed again this winter.

This is a very protected site so there is little risk of wind damage.

Can we look forward to a 6.0 metre tall tree in 12 months time? At that rate of growth all the necessary leader and branch pruning will be completed in 2 years. Awesome!

One response to “Impressive performance

  1. I hope people don’t get the wrong idea regarding blackwood growth rates. Expect an average of 1m per year, measurements from Tas and NZ plantations confirm this. I’d be surprised if the above example is any more than 3.5m by age2.

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