Green groups to back forestry peace deal

Well the TFA signatories are bravely going where no forestry agreement has ever gone before (the closest Australian example I can think of is the old Qld RFA from 1999); defying the politicians and the critics, and boldly maintaining the initiative. The forestry wars have been completely turned upside down.

No doubt it is a more mature approach than throwing in the towel and ordering the troops back to the trenches. Only time will tell whether it will work.

One thing is certain. The ongoing dialogue between the signatories can only be a good thing.

But the Liberals have promised that we will go to yet another State election where forestry will be the dominant issue. Sighhhh!!! Will the Liberals end up opposing FSC Certification?

The promise by Forestry Tasmania to stay out of the contentious forests regardless of whether they are formally reserved or not, is certainly an interesting development.

Can this promise be kept if we end up with a Liberal State Government? Will the FT Board stand up to a new Government? Presumably they will have to resign en masse if FT is ordered by a future Liberal Government to resume old-growth logging.

So stand by for many more years of forestry drama. The evidence is clear that while we continue to log public native forests in Tasmania this drama will never cease.

In the mean time support my campaign to establish a blackwood growers cooperative, and help shift the forest industry away from the political and social turmoil to a proud, profitable future.

One response to “Green groups to back forestry peace deal

  1. In the news today it says that the regional development money associated with the TFA wont become available until later this year (“September/October”) ie. until after the Federal election.

    I wonder what will happen with that money if we get a change of Government in Canberra given the current and forecast budget issues? Will it still become available?

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