Tasmanian timber businesses chart new future (ABC Rural Report)

Check out this recent story on the ABC Radio Rural Report, especially the second part about Tasmanian Tonewoods Bob MacMillan. Read the story and listen to the podcast interview with ABC reporter Rosemary Grant.


Taking Tasmanian timbers to the end of the iconic, value adding chain. Most of the tonewood Bob ships is blackwood. What a great story!

But I do take exception to the final comment by Tasmanian shipping agent Brett Charlton about the product just “sitting in our forests”. Products that just “sit in the forests” are not sustainable and have no future. This just reflects such old 19th century thinking and attitudes.

Our commercially valuable blackwood should no longer be “just sitting in the forest”. We should be promoting it and encouraging farmers to better manage their existing blackwood, and learning how to grow more.

Gilbert and MacMillan

Bob MacMillan and US guitarist Paul Gilbert.

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