August trip to the north

I had another successful and enjoyable trip around the north west last week, visiting farmers/landowners and attending the Australian Forest Grower (Tas branch) AGM and annual dinner.
I will post a few property reports here in the next few days with experiences and insights learnt from a couple of farms I visited, including a few surprises.
The AFG AGM and dinner gave me some exposure to the private farm forestry community. It seems to me that many in the industry are still in a state of denial, still hoping that the old days will come back; or hoping that having someone to blame will somehow solve the problems of the industry. There was a big turnout at the annual dinner in Launceston with three very interesting presentations, but the elephant in the room was deliberately ignored.
I will soon be posting an update on a very important opportunity that will shortly be knocking on Tasmanias door, that directly affects the future of blackwood and the Blackwood Growers Coop proposal. So stay tuned!

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