For further information or any enquiries please contact

Dr. Gordon Bradbury

Mobile: 0428 754 233

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2 responses to “Contact

  1. Hi, just a question for you. I inherited from my parents a blackwood bookshelf, 3 tieres. 2 metres legnth x 1 mitre high x 30 cm depth. The planks (shelves) are 4cm deep ( all measurements aprox). Very dark,no stain and in great condition considering it was bought in WA in 1970, possibly it was made in the 60s. No joins or glues on product just 3 straight planks held up by 2 silver poles either side running through it. got a rough price for me?

    • Hi Jenni,

      Sounds like an amazing piece of furniture. Unfortunately I’m no furniture dealer so I have no idea of its value.

      “Whatever someone is prepared to pay you for it” is the usual answer to that question.

      Good luck.


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