Market for Plantation Grown Wood: Where we’re at and where we’re going


Mr Andrew Morgan from SFM Forest Products calls this a Market Report!

I call it a load of fluffy woolley nonsense!

A total waste of time!!

Sorry Andrew but you deserve a complete bucketing for that mess!

Never mind the total absence of any objective market data (of which SFM Forest Products would have an abundance), the overall sentiment of the article is that the forest industry is full of risks and uncertainties. Better to put your money in a poker machine!!

Does the article inspire anyone to plant a tree for the future?

No way!

The forest industry continues to treat Tasmanian farmers as idiots, and Mr Morgans “Market Report” is a classic example.

By way of comparison here are two forest industry websites in New Zealand

Monthly market reports with real numbers, and hard data!!

And this one is even better…

The New Zealand forest industry treats the farming community as essential partners in the industry, with complete and total respect. The focus of the industry in NZ is profitable tree growing. It’s a unique and successful approach.

You wont find a single forest industry website in Australia that looks anything like these.

There are dozens, hundreds of other people out there in the forest industry and the broader marketplace that could be providing regular vital market information to farmers to encourage and support them to plant trees, but all these people, without exception, refuse to do so! Such is the culture within the industry.

I’ll give you ½ mark for trying Andrew and I expect a much better attempt NEXT MONTH!

2 responses to “Market for Plantation Grown Wood: Where we’re at and where we’re going

  1. Well said. Sureltt this is not all about keeping individual private forest growers in the dark!

    By comparison the four Market Reports produced by Andy Warner PFT in the late 1990’s/earl 2000’s were outstanding! Pity PFT cannot replicate and update parts of these to keep growers well informed.

    I see PFT has advertised for an Agriforester. Could not find any definition of this term. Looks like a fancy name for a Private Forest Advisor!

    • Hi Arthur,

      Keeping private forest growers in the dark????

      I think that is exactly what it is!!! After 40 years in the industry it is clear to me that the forest industry has a death wish!! My dream as a 14 year old was a fantasy. A failed career thanks to stupidity!

      Funny you should mention Andy’s Market Reports. I just threw my copies in the rubbish today in a general bookshelf purging. What a great idea that was wasted on an industry that does not care about its own future.

      Poor old PFT is fundamentally compromised. It is a Government agency that cannot criticise Government policy. And Goverment policy has always been about subsidising sawmillers. It has NEVER been about profitable tree growing.

      PFT cannot save the forest industry. Not while Government policy remains what it is.

      Your career, my career! All wasted!!! Years of devotion tossed down the toilet by greed and stupidity.

      My bookshelf purge found plenty of forestry plans and reports with recommendations to address the failings of the forest industry.

      NONE of those recommendations have ever been implemented!!

      What more can I say?


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