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Tasmanian Blackwood Growers



Isn’t this just so predictable and pathetic?

Just when we start to get some real debate and transparency into the Tasmanian forestry wars along comes the Honourable Minister and slams the door.

It was so newsworthy that it made both the major State news media.


What is the purpose of an advisory council if “everyone is on the same page”? That’s not an advisory council. That’s a political smokescreen, a whitewash!

The whole purpose of an advisory council, as Sue Smith said, is to promote and foster vigorous, open discussion and canvas as wide a range of opinions and options as possible.

The Tasmanian forest industry is going absolutely nowhere until the future of Forestry Tasmania is resolved. And after 21 years we know that the GBE business model has been a total failure. Forestry Tasmania remains the “albatross around the neck” of the forest industry.

So vigorous and open debate about this issue is absolutely fundamental.

And yesterday the State government shut that debate down.

Judging by the response in the media the Tasmanian community is absolutely sick and tired of the continuing political games and squandering of taxpayers money on the forest industry. But the advisory council and our politicians just aren’t listening.

The issue of retaining skills is yet another forest industry furphy. The one and only skill that Forestry Tasmania needs right now is to be fully commercial and profitable. Without this fundamental skill everything else is completely irrelevant.

The advisory council is now a lame duck with no integrity, credibility or purpose. Send the bill to the Tasmanian taxpayer.

When will Tasmania get a fully commercial profitable forest industry?



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