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Tasmanian Blackwood Growers

Kids in the Candy Store


Some people may ask why I promote Taylor Guitars so much.

The answer is very simple!

They clearly love Tasmanian blackwood and are keen to promote it.

And so am I.

They are one of the few manufacturers in the blackwood market who heavily promote Tasmanian blackwood. It’s a very positive message and I’m more than happy to piggyback on their efforts.

(Plus I’m a guitar play and I love guitars. What could be more perfect than that?)

I only wish I could find some commercial or custom furniture makers who had a similar attitude and approach. Is there anyone out there??

Anyway on with the story…

Here’s a great interview between Acoustic Letter’s Tony Polecastro and Andy Powers from Taylor Guitars. The video is titled How to Build Expensive Guitars with Tony Polecastro & Andy Powers and is part of a 3 part series of interviews between Polecastro and Powers. The video is about Tony and Andy starting from scratch to design and build 2 custom guitars. The whole video is interesting but if you want to cut to the chase where the Tasmanian blackwood comes in then scroll to the 4.10 minute mark of the video.

Polecastro asks Powers what he would do to build his perfect guitar. So Powers walks off ……. and comes back with Tasmanian blackwood.


You do know that this blackwood was supplied to Taylors by Bob MacMillan at Tasmanian Tonewoods don’t you?

Watch and enjoy!

Now here’s the review of the Custom Brazilian Rosewood GS (Grand Symphony) guitar from the first half of the above interview:

And now here’s Tony Polecastro’s  review of the Custom Tasmanian blackwood GC (Grand Concert) 12-fret guitar from the interview:

All up it’s a great little story (and a beautiful guitar).

A very positive message about Tasmanian blackwood moving onto the international stage as a premium timber.

Now for the bigger challenge.

How do we get the blackwood industry up and running and away from the politics and conflict that has all but smothered the forest industry here in Tasmania?

I need help with this! Anyone??



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