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Tasmanian Blackwood Growers

Go Deloraine Stringfest!

What a hoot!

I had a fantastic time as an exhibitor at the inaugural Deloraine Stingfest.

It was fantastic meeting so many people in the industry as tonewood merchants, luthiers, and artists. It was also fantastic meeting and talking to so many of the public who came along. I had many great conversations with people.

I met many farmers and landowners who expressed interest in becoming commercial blackwood growers. I will be contacting the most enthusiastic to arrange a visit, and hope to get phone calls or emails from many others.

I want to thank and congratulate the organisers and people who volunteered their time and talents to make Stringfest happen. And to the people of Deloraine who helped make the event such a success.

As an exhibitor I didn’t get to see much of the festival myself. But I saw 5.5 hours of absolutely brilliant performances on Saturday night. It was a long day but well worth it.

Stringfest definitely has the potential to become a major Tasmanian cultural and community event. It features so many aspects that attract and interest a wide audience. And there is no doubt about the quality, the passion and commitment.

From my point of view one major aspect missing (under-represented??) was the proud, passionate tree-growing farmers. I was there promoting that dream, that opportunity, but if Stringfest is to have a sustainable future then all the links in the chain from tree to instrument, from farmer to artist must be represented and promoted. This is especially true within the current political madness and conflict with the public native forest resource.

I spoke to a few people about the idea of having a mini-Stringfest stall at Agfest to help promote and build interest and relationships with the farming community; to help create that first link in the Stringfest chain. Some of us are discussing this idea to make it happen in 2015. Anyone interested?

Create the full chain from farm to stage and Stringfest could easily become a unique major international event.

Thanks to Kevin for buying the two display blackwood trees that I brought up from Hobart and didn’t want to bring back home. I hope they have found a good home.




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