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Tasmanian Blackwood Growers


21, 22, 23 March 2014

This will be a great event!

I’ll be there to talk about how we can turn blackwood into an internationally recognised and appreciated tonewood with a Blackwood Growers Cooperative.

Put this weekend in your diary now.

See you there!

Luthiers, musicians, collectors and lovers of fine instruments and great music will gather at the inaugural Deloraine StringFest Tasmania in March 2014.

Deloraine is the home of the annual Rotary Tasmanian Craft Fair in November and is recognised as a centre for the arts with many fine crafts-people and artisans living in and around the Meander Valley.

Deloraine StringFest Tasmania (StringFest) is a celebration of stringed instruments, especially those made in Tasmania or made with Tasmanian woods such as blackwood, huon pine, sassafras and macrocarpa.  Tasmania has many fine artisans who create guitars, ukuleles, violins, harps, banjos, lutes and other fine instruments. Tasmanian woods are used Australia-wide and are keenly sought by instrument makers internationally.  Australian instruments by both large manufacturers and artisans have achieved international fame, and this is an opportunity for musicians, luthiers and enthusiasts alike to gather, display, sell and discuss their craft and love of instruments.

StringFest will bring together Instrument makers, tone-wood suppliers [AND GROWERS], musicians, groups and lovers of these fine instruments for displays, jam sessions, busking, concerts and workshops.

Musicians and makers attending StringFest will hold and attend workshops on playing and making instruments. All types of string music and instrumentation will be represented played by professional and amateur musicians from all over Australia.

StringFest Aims:

  • To present a festival of stringed instruments, showcasing Tasmanian and Australian luthiers, Tasmanian tone-woods and instruments;
  • To recognise Tasmanian instrumentalists and provide a social gathering for musicians, both professional and amateur;
  • To highlight the craft of luthiers and the pre-eminence of Tasmanian timbers used world-wide to create quality crafted stringed instruments; and
  • To provide ongoing recognition of Deloraine as a centre for craft and arts excellence.

Event Management

StringFest is a non-profit community event auspiced by Arts Deloraine, a non-profit community arts organisation, with any profits being directed back into the community for future events.

StringFest Events

Over the three days of StringFest there will be a multiplicity of events, some organised by the Management Committee and others hosted by community groups and business houses.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday – Instrument EXPO   Sports Complex, Little Theatre

Displays by luthiers of Stringed Instruments, displays of collectors instruments, Displays of Tone-woods used in instrument making.  Refreshments will available at the venue. ($5 admission). (Once only charge)



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