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Hydrowood Timber Price Update

The forest industry, including timber traders, are notoriously secretive about timber prices, including Hydrowood. So I stumbled upon some updated prices for Tasmania’s premium timbers from Hydrowood. They are an eye opener to say the least. I did a … Continue reading

Hydrowood blackwood prices at Uptons

It’s time for another blackwood timber market price review, this time courtesy of Hydrowood and Uptons. My previous price list reviews have generally not named the suppliers, but in this instance I think I need too since Hydrowood … Continue reading

Some more great Hydrowood blackwood

Here are some more great pictures of Hydrowood blackwood going over the saw. It almost looks like rosewood rather than blackwood. The next Hydrowood auction is late January 2016. Hydrowood blackwood Posted by Wynwood Sawmill on Wednesday, December 16, 2015 … Continue reading

First Hydrowood Tender The first 38 lots of Hydrowood logs and sawn timber are now open for public tender. The sawn material is whole logs sawn into 50mm slabs. A total of 35.4 cubic metres of timber and logs are for … Continue reading

Hydrowood update

The long anticipated Hydrowood project is finally under way on Lake Pieman on Tasmania’s west coast salvaging specialty timbers from flooded hydro dams. Here is the projects new website. I have both hopes and fears for this … Continue reading

Blackwood Timber Price List Summary 2016

It’s a year since I started down the road looking at sawn timber retail prices in Australia. Part of the reason is the lack of publically available market-based stumpage prices for blackwood. What I have found is blackwood timber pricing … Continue reading

IST Blackwood Log Tender Results 2015-16

In the interests of greater market and price transparency in the forest industry here is my annual summary of blackwood log tender results from Island Specialty Timbers (IST) for the 2015-16 financial year. This is the only publically available competitive … Continue reading

Blackwood Plantation Financial Model

This is a financial model that calculates the Internal Rate of Return (IRR) from an investment in one hectare of commercial blackwood plantation. The model is setup in an Excel spreadsheet: Blackwood financial model.xlsx Here’s the link to find out … Continue reading

Special Timbers Management Plan April 2016 Update

After the embarrassing back down by the Tasmanian State Government over the proposal to log the World Heritage Area, two important reports were quietly released last week with no fanfare from our politicians or forest industry leaders. These reports relate … Continue reading

2015 The Year in Review

It’s time to wish everyone a safe and happy festive season, and to recap on another year in the Tasmanian special timbers industry. Another year with little progress getting Tasmanian farmers growing commercial blackwood, or in getting the various players … Continue reading