Bunnings and the Forest Industry Extremists

PS. I just discovered that Bunnings is Australia’s Most Trusted Brand:


So if the forest industry is going to pick a fight with Bunnings it is 100% guaranteed to go badly for the industry.


Tasmanian Blackwood Growers Cooperative


Am I surprised?

No not really!

The exaggerated rhetoric and chest beating of the forest industry extremists is utterly predictable.

Is Bunnings short sighted?

Absolutely not.

They have long-standing company policies that seek to improve the ethics and legality within its supply chains.

Bunnings has for many years been supportive of Vicforests efforts to gain FSC certification, but after numerous attempts Vicforests has failed to achieve what so many other forest managers have.


In 2018 Bunnings announced that come 2021 they would only sell FSC certified wood products.


Vicforests has had plenty of opportunity to prove its credentials. It has failed!

The Federal Court ruling in May was a “last straw” which Bunnings could not ignore.




The vilification by the AFPA of Bunnings and the Victorian community who care about THEIR forests, is downright reprehensible.

It does the greater forest industry no good whatsoever.

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One response to “Bunnings and the Forest Industry Extremists

  1. Hello Gordon
    Have you considered writing for Tasmanian Times (https://tasmaniantimes.com/)? Your reports deserve a bigger audience than your 122 subscribers.

    I note that Daily Timber News is not happy about the Bunnings decision!



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