Tasmanian Rainforest Plunder


As was inevitable the Tasmanian Government has now enacted the Tasmanian Special Species Management Plan October 2017.


It is a sad day for Tasmania.

With no transparency, accountability or oversight this Plan is guaranteed to become yet another Tasmanian forest industry disaster.

Why does Tasmania do it?

Tasmania is giving away its ancient rainforests.

Yes and blackwood too. That’s right! Free blackwood timber for the taking.

All you need to do is fill in the form, and grab your chainsaw and truck and help yourself.

4255 submissions were received in the public consultation process of the Plan of which 99.9% were explicitly opposed to rainforest and oldgrowth logging. But the Tasmanian Government holds the community in complete contempt and has enacted the Plan regardless.

It is now inevitable that the forestry wars will resume in earnest, with people calling for a market boycott.

I certainly support the call for a consumer boycott of Tasmanian timbers.

It is now well and truly time to shut down public native forestry in Tasmania. After 35 years of political and community conflict and $billions of dollars of taxpayers money wasted on a moribund industry it is time to stop this once and for all.

With a State election coming up in 2018 it will be interesting to see what position the Tasmanian Labor Party will take on this issue.

No matter what it is going to be yet another ugly bitter election campaign.

5 responses to “Tasmanian Rainforest Plunder

  1. Under this Government rainforest protection has plummeted from 90% protected from logging to less than half protected. This has seen the dismantling of the RFA reserve system supported by Malcolm Turnbull

  2. Stop and think.

  3. The government has made a plan to log all of the rainforest in Tasmania that is not in national parks and World Heritage Areas. This includes rainforest on Bruny Island and in gullies up the east coast, (including at Wielangta), all of the NE Tasmanian forest reserves (Mt Victoria, Blue Tier, Rattler Range, Mt Maurice), rainforest immediately east and west of Cradle Mountain, Australia’s biggest rainforest in the Tarkine, the Little Henty wilderness, (inland from Trial Harbour), Mt Murchison, Mt Dundas, the Tyndall Range, and the Spero and Wanderer wilderness south off Macquarie Harbour. The plan looks to expand Huon pine logging from Teepookana.

    The ‘sustainable’ annual logging is calculated by adding up the total area of all rainforest that is not in national parks and WH areas, (with a very liberal definition of rainforest that includes wet oldgrowth forest with tall eucalypts), less an extraordinarily modest assessment of 10% of land that is too steep to log, divided by 300, which is the number of years planned for the theoretical rotation. Never mind that most Tasmanian rainforest has been growing since the end of the last ice age, ten thousand years ago, and that individual trees live for up to 900 years in the case of celery-top pine and thousands of years in the case of Huon pine. And never mind the myrtle wilt, forest fragmentation and desiccation, ignition vulnerability and weed infestation that are the inevitable consequences of logging. And certainly never mind the impact of climate change induced fire risk to rainforest, which is dramatically increased by any disturbance.

    This plan ignores the contribution of Hydrowood, and it effectively sidelines innovative design using non-rainforest timbers such as silver wattle and macrocarpa, and plantation blackwood.

    I can’t think of a more certain way to end the specialty timber industry.

    • Thanks Rob,

      A good summary of our current disastrous situation, courtesy of the Government and the forest industry.

      And all this precious rainforest and oldgrowth given away for free!! No!! At taxpayers expense.

      This IS Tasmania. The mind boggles!!



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