New Zealand Blackwood Market Report

The latest edition of New Zealand Tree Grower Vol 37(4) has a market report from blackwood grower Malcolm Mackenzie.

It makes for positive reading given the NZ blackwood market is still in its infancy.

As a farmer Malcolm has made a significant investment in farm forestry including 30 ha of plantation blackwood now 30 years old and reaching commercial maturity.

You can read Malcolm’s previous articles about blackwood milling and collective marketing here:

And watch a video about Malcolm the tree grower here:

As the report shows, with less than three years data, both the volume and the value of blackwood being sold by Malcolm is increasing.

As the NZ market gains confidence in the quality and quantity of the home grown product things will only improve.

New Zealand farm-grown blackwood is a great product. I’m looking forward to the day it will be available for sale here in Australia.


2 responses to “New Zealand Blackwood Market Report

  1. G’day Gordon
    Pleased to see Malcom is making good returns through the sale of sawn timber rather than selling in log form. This is exactly what needs to occur for growers here as well!

  2. Hi Stu
    A few private forest growers in Tassie might have enough resource to justify investing in a portable sawmill. Malcolm’s 30 ha of blackwood plantation certainly justifies the investment. It would be good to have a few contractors with portable sawmills providing that service to farmers in Tassie. Do you know of any? I’d be happy to promote them if they are interested.


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