Building a Sustainable Guitar


Here’s an interesting series of articles about tonewoods on the World Resources Institute website. It’s a series of six articles looking at the 6 traditional tonewoods used in making acoustic guitars.

The last in the series featuring mahogany is still in production.

Here’s a comment from the lead author after I questioned them about the focus on traditional tonewoods.

the important contribution of this blog series is that it first informs consumers about the environmental and social impacts of their guitars, and second updates them on progress being made with traditional woods. It is ultimately up to the consumer to make the choice, and we have found that simply writing off an entire tradition as unsustainable is an ineffective way of creating lasting change.

I still think that a seventh blog focusing on alternative species (like Tasmanian blackwood), materials and technologies would have been useful. At the moment these articles seem to reinforce the impression that great guitars can only be made from these six woods, which is clearly wrong.

Happy reading!

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