Two blackwood growers


Two blackwood growers discussing the finer points of blackwood silviculture and markets.

Look at those magnificent blackwoods behind. Thanks guys!!


And 6 long metres of well managed premium Tasmanian blackwood sawlog.

The work is done and now it’s time to sit back and watch the quality and the money grow.

4 responses to “Two blackwood growers

  1. Hi Gordon, what about some background info please.

  2. Hi Gordon
    Silviculture: initial stocking, pruning and thinning regime, age, average height and diameter, pros and cons.

  3. Hi Floyd,
    You could begin by reading this:
    Average height and diameter are not currently known. A complete inventory of the plantation is on my list.
    Pros: All things considered this is a great example of farm-grown plantation blackwood. The use of a cypress hedge to block the wind on this exposed ridge-top site is revolutionary in Tasmania.
    Cons: Not quite the regime I would recommend but it’s now on the road to a great future.


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