TFGA supports continuation of failure


TFGA CEO Mr Peter Skillern

Well the TFGA retains its historical position as being incredibly conflicted and confused about the role of the private forest grower and the future of the forest industry in Tasmania.

With the Forestry Tasmania GBE business model being shown to be a complete disaster over the past 21 years the TFGA comes out today and says that’s fine, keep it going!

It’s pretty pathetic and shows a complete lack of independence and vision.


Private forest owners now dominate the forest harvest in Tasmania for perhaps the first time ever.

State forest policy should now be focused entirely on building a profitable, commercially focused private forest grower base.

But the TFGA appears not to want this. Instead the TFGA wants State forest policy to remain 100% focused on the public forest resource and a failed GBE.

More politics and conflict and a failed forest industry.

The TFGA is the only representative and voice of the private forest grower in Tasmania.

I just don’t understand!

At least Sue Smith had the guts to have a go and say something different.

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