Forestry Tasmania fate in balance


[The fate of] Forestry Tasmania hangs in the balance, with its chairman telling staff the company’s immediate future is entirely in the government’s hand.

In an email sent to Forestry Tasmania staff yesterday, chairman Bob Annells [pictured above] responded to mounting concerns that the cash-strapped company may be dissolved and folded into a government department.

[“folded into a government department” What an absolutely terrible idea! What Government department would it fit into? And what would be the point? It would fix none of the existing problems, and create even more new problems. A classic case of duck shoving!]

This article in today’s The Examiner tells us that things are pretty grim at the Government forest management agency.

While no official announcement has been made it now seems clear that FTs application for FSC Certification has been rejected. FSC auditors SCS Global were due to deliver their report last month.

And yet another review into Forestry Tasmania is currently being written. I’ve lost count of how many of those we’ve had. Far too many. And none of them have been at all useful, at least in terms of their implementation.

But enough is already known to understand that FT has absolutely no commercial future.

The Tasmanian Government is no doubt finding it increasingly difficult continuing to sack teachers and nurses whilst propping up the forest industry.

It is now just a matter of how best to clean up the decades of mess and close the organisation down.

It will be a bitter pill for many Tasmanians.

Decades of mismanagement may finally be coming to an end. Or it may drag on for a few more painful, bitter years. History tells me that the latter is more likely eg. the “fold” option.

The shutting down of FT will see the supply of blackwood to the market drop dramatically, with a corresponding rise in price very likely. Will Tasmanian farmers finally reap the rewards of a more competitive blackwood market?


Seems like the FSC outcome is indeed correct judging by the article in today’s The Examiner. No medal for FT.

So FT will “keep trying”. They don’t have the time nor the money to keep trying.

The longer FT stays in business the longer it will take for private tree growers and private investment to rebuild the forest industry. It just wont happen whilst FT continues to play zombie corporation.

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