Forest Industry Dictatorship

This blog was originally called “Groundhog Day”. But on reflection I think things have gone well beyond a Hollywood fantasy comedy. The events of the past week when added to the events of the past 12 months clearly demonstrate that Tasmania is now a forest industry dictatorship. Logic, reason, common sense and all other interests (including health and education) have now become subservient to the interests of the politically-driven forest industry in Tasmania. It is beyond contempt!


As a consequence of the 1993 American fantasy comedy movie of the same name, the phrase “Groundhog Day” has entered common use as a reference to an unpleasant situation that continually repeats.

Working in the forest industry in Tasmania is definitely a Groundhog Day existence.

The past week was another terrible example with the annual fiasco that is the Government Businesses Scrutiny Committees hearings.

This should be an example of the epitome of good corporate governance. Instead every year it becomes a political circus. This year was no exception.

Once again the Tasmanian community (including private forest owners) finds itself continuing to subsidise Forestry Tasmania for yet another year despite emphatic promises to the contrary by the new State Government. At the same time Tasmanian teachers, nurses and other public servants are losing their jobs!

And judging by the comments from readers in the newspapers many Tasmanians are thoroughly sick and tired of the stupidity and continuing waste.

This continues to be extraordinary!

And private forest owners (who are being total screwed in all of this disaster) remain completely mute on the issue. I just don’t get it!

And to add insult Forestry Tasmania Chairman Bob Annells was quoted as saying this:

Forestry Tasmania is asking Tasmanians to have faith the company will eventually return to profitability.  Chairman of the state-owned forester Bob Annells said the loss-making company had fundamentally changed how it did business.

Every time Tasmania has had yet another another forestry agreement or peace deal over the last 30 years we have been told to have faith. Every time we have had a State election over the past 30 years we have been told to have faith. And every time our faith has been betrayed.

Mr Annells seems not to appreciate that the community’s store of faith has run dry.

Sacking teachers and nurses whilst subsidising woodchips is well and truly beyond contempt let alone faith.

fundamentally changed how it did business”?

I have seen not one dot of evidence to support this claim. Not a smudge of evidence.

No! It is definitely Groundhog Day again (and again and again and again…..).

For the past 30 years the forest industry in Tasmania has been caught in a perpetual Groundhog Day and it has to stop. It must stop! Someone within the industry with integrity and leadership must step forward and call a halt to this madness or it will continue indefinitely.

Does the industry have anyone of that calibre?

Happy Groundhog Day!

3 responses to “Forest Industry Dictatorship

  1. Do you ever feel like your bashing your head against a brick wall Gordon.? as far as I know Forestry Tasmania have never turned a profit and in all honesty I do not think this will ever change as they don’t know how to.

  2. Bob, I think it is well and truly time for some other heads to be shown the wall. It has gone well beyond a joke. This makes the Irish look very smart indeed!!

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