Trees on Farms videos (featuring blackwood)

I’ve recently realised that the New Zealand Farm Forestry Association has posted videos on their excellent website featuring farmers who grow blackwood. on Farms videos

Two of these videos are particularly good.

One features Malcolm McKenzie who is a passionate farmer and blackwood grower. Trees are combined with dairy support grazing on this 57-hectare block, with trees occupying the steeper land. Malcolm grows top-quality blackwoods as well as poplar, cypresses and radiata pine. Markets for blackwoods are discussed.

The other video features Northland farmer Brian Simms. Brian’s farm combines grazing with high value trees. Tree species planted include radiata pine, blackwood and silky oak (Grevillea robusta). Brian plants for erosion control and beautification of the farm, while also producing high value timber.

The passion and enthusiasm of these farmers is clearly evident. All of these videos are well worth watching. Much of the country reminds me of areas in northern Tasmania. Excellent farming country with pockets of steep and difficult land very suitable for growing high value timber such as blackwood.

Now how do we encourage Tasmanian farmers to copy their Kiwi peers?


3 responses to “Trees on Farms videos (featuring blackwood)

  1. One interesting point in these videos is the price/tonne the growers say they are receiving for plantation blackwood. $3000/tonne is mentioned several times! Even with the exchange rate this would be well over $2000/tonne Australian. I’ve read with interest Gordon’s posts on what logs get at the Tasmanian auctions. Getting this sort of price here would appear to be for large DBH logs with some feature but which haven’t received any silvicultural management. The NZ farmers are presumably receiving these very attractive prices for nice, clear. well-managed wood with minimal occlusions and maybe sometimes some feature. I wonder what similar logs would sell for here?

    If I had some plantation blackwood logs ready to go now I would investigate shipping them to NZ at these prices. Sending a container across the Tasman is easy enough

  2. Interesting idea sending blackwood to NZ. In a few years I suspect the flow of blackwood will be very much the reverse. New Zealand plantation grown blackwood will soon replace Tasmanian blackwood in the Australian market. Maybe you could become the local import agent! Cheers!

  3. Reality please! The prices talked of in NZ are $3,000 per cube of sawn timber. Prices quoted are not for logs.

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