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Review of Taylor Guitars Fall 2014 Limited Edition models featuring Tasmanian blackwood and sassafras

Here’s a great review of three of the recently released limited edition models from Taylor Guitars featuring Tasmanian blackwood and sassafras.

Beautiful guitars from Taylor Guitars with tonewoods supplied by Tasmanian Tonewoods.

Sassafras as a tonewood will only ever be available on a limited basis due to it’s restricted distribution and slow growth rate. Blackwood however has huge potential as a sustainable, readily available tonewood due to its wide distribution and fast growth rate. Provided we can convince Tasmanian farmers to grow it.

Now how do we do that?

War and peace – and war again? The battle for Tasmania’s ancient forests

The Guardian



I sure do get tired of all the politics in this business. I wish I could just focus on good news stories but they are far outnumbered by stories of politics and conflict.

But this story in The Guardian is very well written, if a bit long. And it has a nice focus on the human aspect of the whole terrible ongoing battle.

Tasmania does not have a forest industry.

It has a war zone.

And all of this madness whilst the State forest management agency Forestry Tasmania remains technically bankrupt, and only able to survive by continuing taxpayer subsidies.

It’s a taxpayer subsidised war zone.

Enjoy the read.

Tasmania’s magnificent blackwoods

The forest industry TV series “Going Bush” offers a traditional view of the “public service/public forest” forest industry. It’s a view dominated by science and professionalism. In my view that is a very 19th century attitude to forestry that just doesn’t work in the 21st century.

As their website says:

The television show about our forests, the people who work in them and the industries they support. Going Bush is designed to be entertaining, informative and most of all give the proud and passionate people that work in our forest industries a voice, a chance to tell their stories.

This particular video on blackwood is an excerpt from Series 4 Episode 2 and comes from a few years ago.

The video showcases some of the issues around public native blackwood forest management and the blackwood industry. There is no doubt that Forestry Tasmania has contributed significantly to our understanding of native blackwood forest management, in the same way that New Zealand farmers and foresters have dominated research into successful commercial blackwood plantation management.

The video is a bit of forest industry propaganda that highlights the “good bits”. There is a “business-as-usual, everything is going really well, don’t you worry” persona about the video that hides the very real turmoil within the industry. Blackwood issues such as the overcutting and mismanagement of the public resource, taxpayer subsidies, the incessant politics and community conflict are conveniently ignored.

And as for the remark by the hosts near the end of the video that there will be “blackwood sawlogs for decades to come” that is a long way from the truth.

Apart from that it’s entertaining.