Taylor Guitars put Tasmanian tonewoods on display


Major American builder Taylor Guitars have just released their 2014 (northern) Autumn Limited Edition guitars featuring beautiful Tasmanian tonewoods, including five Tasmanian blackwood models and three models featuring blackheart sassafras. The series also includes a selection of models featuring Acacia koa which is a tree native to the Hawaiian Islands.


These timbers were supplied to Taylor Guitars by Robert Mac Millan of Tasmanian Tonewoods.


2 responses to “Taylor Guitars put Tasmanian tonewoods on display

  1. They look BEAUTIFUL! Regrettably I can’t play the guitar (or anything else, for that matter) but I can appreciate the beauty of the instrument.

    • Hi Nick,
      They do look fantastic. I took up learning the guitar three years ago at the age of 52, and been enjoying it very much. It’s never too late to learn. Regrettably I can’t afford a quality blackwood guitar. Pity! Cheers!

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