Monthly Archives: March 2014

New laws a ‘watershed’ for co-operatives

Here’s a story on the ABC News website yesterday from Tasmanian rural reporter Sally Dakis.

New [first ever] national laws launched this week are expected to make co-operatives a more attractive business model. Read the full story here.

I hope the Tasmanian Government introduces the supporting legislation soon. Anything that will facilitate a blackwood growers cooperative is a good thing.

Here’s the website of the Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals.

Another guitar story

Following on from the Cort Guitars story here’s another guitar story that recently appeared in ABC Business News website.

A great little story (video) about renowned Melbourne-based Maton Guitars.

Cort Guitars

Not everyone can afford a nice custom make guitar. Cheap mass produced guitars are essential in the marketplace.

I’ve mentioned Cort Guitars previously in the blog about Victorian blackwood legend Murray Kidman. Murray supplies blackwood from the Otway Ranges to Cort Guitars. It’s not Tasmanian blackwood, but maybe…… day.

So here’s an impressive video tour of the Cort acoustic guitar factory. They even mention blackwood at 53 seconds!

The machinery and technology you can invest in when you build >1,000,000 guitars per year! Quite amazing!

Could this one day be Tasmanian certified farm-grown blackwood? Absolutely!