Blackwood Industry Award

A quick good news story to finish the year.

I’m awarding Bob MacMillan, owner of Tasmanian Tonewoods, a special award for dedication and commitment to the blackwood industry above and beyond the call of normal business.

Check out these photos from his website of some private property blackwood salvage. An old dead stump and a half dead tree. Now that’s what I call dedication!


I hope the farmer and Bob make some decent money out of those butt logs.

But it does show what is possible. There are thousands of blackwoods on farms around Tasmania just like these. Most of them end up as firewood or else just piled up and burnt. Farmers don’t appreciate their value. But they are ideal for the international tonewood market.

And hopefully they can help generate interest in the farming community about growing commercial blackwood for the future.

I’m sure Bob would like to hear from more farmers with blackwood to salvage (see his website for contact details), and I’d like to hear from farmers interested in growing more commercial blackwood.

Congratulations Bob!

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