Blackwood in New Zealand video now available on-line

From the latest AMIGO Newsletter:

This video, which was part-funded by AMIGO, was the brain-child of the late Ian Nicholas. It is one of Ian’s many legacies that NZ blackwood growers can be grateful for.

Ian features in the video, discussing a series of 25-year-old blackwood regime trials, where different pruning, thinning, and final crop stocking regimes have led to some clear conclusions about optimal silvicultural regimes to maximise timber volume and value.

A number of experienced blackwood growers from both the North and South Islands discuss their experiences with growing blackwoods on range of site types, and provide recommendations for successful establishment and maximising the timber crop value.

Finally, the potential for blackwood timber is highlighted by Ian Nicholas and others. Peter King of Kings IVth Generation Timber, Carterton, shows how his company produces high-value blackwood bench-tops, and Paul Millen discusses how he has developed a production thinning regime in his Marlborough forest to produce timber for blackwood flooring. We also see inside an award-winning Marlborough house which features a stunning blackwood floor.

The video is about 45 minutes long, and ‘high definition’. Anyone unable to view it on-line should contact me and I will arrange for a DVD to be sent to you.

A great video and well worth watching. Check it out!

2 responses to “Blackwood in New Zealand video now available on-line

  1. Well worth watching for farm foresters considering blackwood.

  2. A great video indeed. A fantastic legacy from Ian Nicholas. My one comment is that I think Ian could have used the “Three Principles” as the basis for his introductory talk at the trials site. I think the Three Principles are a great simple summary of blackwood management. I will try and get some copies of the video on DVD.

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