Forestry Tasmania stakeholder registration now open

FT Help Us Improve

As part of the move towards applying for FSC Certification Forestry Tasmania are now seeking community feedback and stakeholder engagement. Stakeholder registration is now open. Visit the website:

Current FT policy and practice effectively prevents private investment in blackwood by treating the public special timbers and blackwood resource as a non-profit, publicly subsidised charity. No private blackwood investment will happen until the special timbers industry is reformed on a fully commercial basis. Without this change the special timbers industry is doomed, and all your favourite Tasmanian timbers will no longer be commercially available.

For more information read my blog here:

You can help bring about this important change by becoming a FT stakeholder and letting them know that reform is vital to the future of blackwood as a profitable commercial opportunity.

They have a online survey you can also do to provide FT with some quick feedback.

Help support the future of Tasmania’s special timbers industry and demand change.

Thanks for your support!

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