Phew!!!! It’s about time

The media are reporting that the IGA parties have finally reached an agreement.
After years of argy bargy, on again – off again grandstanding it looks like some real results at last.
Curiously on the same day that a ceasefire is announced in the middle east. Maybe the middle east conflict gave the IGA parties some genuine perspective.
But I'm not celebrating just yet.
The enabling legislation has to go through parliament today. That is no foregone conclusion.
But I will head to the bottleshop and get a bottle of bubbly just in case.
After thinking that my proposal to establish a blackwood growers cooperative was rapidly fading, things are suddenly looking positive again.
But I still need greater profile and support to help get funding under the IGA if today goes well. If anyone wants to write a letter of support to their local newspaper that would be greatly appreciated.
The next few weeks and months will be hectic.

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