Taylor GS mini blackwood guitar

Taylor Guitars based in San Diego, California, are one of the major American makers of acoustic guitars.
Here is their latest model guitar featuring Tasmanian blackwood.
Blackwood tonewood timber retails for >$50,000 per cubic metre sawn, compared with normal furniture grade blackwood that retails for ~$4,000 per cubic metre.
At these prices the tonewood market has the potential to have a significant impact on the commercial future of blackwood.
All we need to do is realise that opportunity.
Help us to realise that future by supporting the Blackwood Growers Cooperative.

2 responses to “Taylor GS mini blackwood guitar

  1. Gordon you are posting prices for blackwood tonewood that are just not possible can you please point me in the right direction to the one who is selling Tasmanian blackwood at $50.000 per cubic metre and else where on your blog you are saying Tasmanian blackwood can fetch up to $150.000 per cubic metre, at $50.000. per cubic metre this works out at $118.20 per super foot at $150.000 works out at $354.60 per super foot if someone is willing to pay them sort of prices for blackwood there insane, please get your facts correct Gordon before posting comments like this you are not doing the tonewood market any good by posting comments like that. regards Bob

    • Hi Bob,
      This is obviously an old blog and reflects prices that were current in 2012. Obviously the market has fallen somewhat since then with prices for some blackwood back-and-side sets now down below $100. With a steel string b&s set having approx. 0.0025 cubic metres of wood, this means current (2013) sawn blackwood tonewood prices are down to $30,000 per cubic metre. Elsewhere prices are still well above this.




      These prices are NOT log prices or stumpage prices. They are retail sawn timber prices that have harvesting, transport, sawing and processing, and profit margin included in the price.

      I understand your concern Bob. Talking about prices is a two edge sword, it cuts both ways. Talk prices down and nobody wants to sell. Talk prices up and people hold out for a better price.

      One of the biggest issues I face trying to get farmers to think of growing commercial blackwood is the lack of price and market transparency. Farmers are used to greater market transparency for their other produce, but the forest industry seems to dislike market transparency. Getting farmers to make a 30+ year investment in growing blackwood requires as much encouragement as possible, including a major amount of transparent “market pull”. Farmers still don’t seem to be responding to the blackwood market. Are they getting the message? What is the message?

      In trying to provide any transparency at all in the blackwood market, I have to use whatever information I can scrounge. The tonewood industry is one of the few opportunities for me to get market information.

      I’m always looking for opportunities to provide greater market transparency including accurate information that is relevant to current and future blackwood growers. If you have any ideas on this Bob I’m always happy to discuss.


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